Safety Check: detect if your ball is over-inflated

We have added a new “Safety Check” mode to BallTune: detect if your soccer ball is safe or over-inflated in seconds.

Check with your phone if your soccer ball is safe to play with this new feature (already available on Android and iOS).

Having a soccer ball properly inflated – and not over inflated, will help to reduce the risk of injury from heading the ball.

  • With higher ball pressures (more inflated balls), the forces delivered to the head increase.
  • Make sure that the ball is inflated to the correct pressure and of a size that is appropriate for the age group.

Did you know?BallTune Soccer App Safety Mode

  • A player may head the ball about eight times during a game.
  • 12.6% of concussions in soccer arise from heading the ball.
  • What is a concussion? A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions.
  • Concussion rates more than doubled among students age 8-19 participating in sports like basketball, soccer and football between 1997-2007.

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